iTune's GM Application

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iTune''s GM Application

Post  iTunes on Sat May 16, 2009 9:11 pm

Hi i wasn't going to post an application but since i got free time i'm going to do one ;D

Name (Real) :
Victor Zhao

IGN (In Game Name) :

Age :


Location :

Toronto, Canada (i'm part chinese)

What Job Are You Applying For? :
SuperGM Very Happy

Past Experience :
I have been a gamemaster in many other servers and have hosted 2 of my own. I have always been a really fun and fair GM, also i have memorized most important commands and have done a very well job at banning hackers and helping new players when they join the server. The Servers that i have been a GM or Owner was : BubbleTeaStory, VictoryMs,SlackzyStory, CrimeStory, TorakheMS, strikeMS, carolineMs, GurrenMS, VolcumMS, EzSoulMS, MSUnderground, and others that i cannot remember at the moment

What would you do if a player asks you for an item or free levels? :
First i would tell them to try and find it themselves first and if they keep on asking me i would warn the person and if he/she continues to beg for example a gm scroll i would tell them the many reasons why it would be unfair to other people. If they continue i would jail them for 5 min and try to avoid the person.

Would you give free stuff to any friends who join the server? :

No, i would not because if i help my friends and only them then other players would be asking me for the same things and if i say no they would be giving me a lot of guilt since i only do it for my friends.

What would you do to help the Admin? :
First, i would help the admin by telling him any bugs or glitches i could find so he will fix them so other players won't abuse them. Also i would help anyone who needs help when the admin isn't on. Also i could help think of new ideas for the server like Npc's, Events, and many more.

Why should we choose you? :

Because i am awesome and is a very active person in the server who loves to welcome new players Very Happy.

Anything about yourself? :
i like to play dota and css and go outside to play badminton and go biking

Thanks for reading my application i hope u will accept me Very Happy
You Can Contact me at my email

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