NoDexPlxx's Gm App 'D

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NoDexPlxx's Gm App 'D

Post  NoDexPlxx on Tue May 05, 2009 2:23 am

The Application from NoDexPlxx

My Name is Miaad

IGN ? { In Game Name }
i Dont Have a In Game Name Cuz the Site of the client dont work?

Why do I wanna become a GM.
I wanna Be a GM Because, I wanna Help people If they need help I dont giving out GM stuff Or Super Scroll for free to people.
I am Very exped to be a GM. I Know Alot Codes and i got Gm book.

My Age
I am 13 Years Old & Play maplestory for 3 years long. ( 1995-03-13 )

I know/make alot of Events, like Hide & Seek. Dressing Event. Guess Mob Name. 5min. Higher Rate. & more. Wink

My Msn is ;

This is the GM Application From NoDexPlxx

Byeee, I hope u like it. =]]]


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