Hello, And Welcome to LoveStory

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Hello, And Welcome to LoveStory

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:00 pm

Hello, I am Chris Many of you may know me i am the owner.

About the Server:

This Server isn't made for Our (Admins, Owners, Staff) Its Made for you and you guys to have a fun and relaxing day. Even in the summer! This server is 24/7 on Coding for our coder but if you run accross any Bugs Please Contact us ASAP! And Our Coders will start Fixing immediately! Any Hacker or you been Banned for no Reason. Get a S.s before you get banned! So we can determine who is at fault and who isn't Any GM Acting Stupid, Cussing, Killing players, or Harassment TELL ME ASAP IN A FORUM SECTION!!!!!! Advertiseing is not allowed. When you tell me that a GM is Cussing, Acting stupid etc, Please get a S.s i no we are good and all but i really caint see!

I dont know how to use a Screen Shot (S.s):
Its a Little button in the top right called "Prt scr" and or "sysrq" If this doesnt work and hes doing harassment through speach Report them! and Remeber to click the "INCLUEDE CHAT LOG"

Thank you for your time reading this

-Best Regards Chris.

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